Calvin focuses primarily on designing and engineering user-interface for mobile and Web, but also enjoys doing illustration and graphic design work.

Calvin previously worked for Genesix inc (genesix.co.jp) as a mobile app designer to design iOS apps and create interactive web services on mobile platforms. Combining with his prior experience in building web applications, creating digital illustrations and designing printed materials, Calvin can help users to achieve their goal through designing and executing interaction in multiple channels.

Calvin received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, Canada. He is particularly interested in improving the efficiency and experience of communicating ideas with simple visual and minimal interaction.

You can contact me at hello@calvin-c.com. For more means of contact, please visit the Contact page.


陳振宇曾任職於日本株式會社Genesix (genesix.co.jp),主要職務為設計iOS應用,和在流動提手機平台上建立互動服務。他以往的經驗亦包括建造網上應用的編程,繪製圖像和插圖,以及設計國際會議的資料印刷品等。陳振宇的多樣化經驗能幫助他設計和實現為使用者輕鬆達成目標的最佳方法。