Tokyo iOS Meetup – Aug 2011

On Last saturday, the monthly Tokyo iOS Meetup was held at Genesix company lounge “Ajito” in Shibuya. It’s my pleasure to be able to help organize the venue for the meetup group, so that everybody can enjoy sharing knowledge and have fun in a relaxing environment and well-equipped venue.

The topic of this meetup is “Apps You Admire”. We heard some intriguing discussions not only related to iOS applications, but also customer experience, fun projects and electronic payment systems. Here are some topics that we’d talked about:

Matt’s Developer Presentation (Meetup Profile) – pretty high-level Cocoa programming stuff (maybe ask him for the prezi later?)

AR chopper and iPhone controller – a bit discussion on how awesome technology has evolved that user can play with such sophisticated toy without breaking the bank. Video here.
I can’t wait to see various hacks to come just like people hacking Roomba the vacuum cleaning robot.

Anton on the Square payment dongle – convenient and powerful POS solution is what Anton admires. From the discussion on credit card, we went on talked about some electronic payment systems such as Bitcoins, M-PESA which is based on SMS, USD (used to be connected to gold standards but not anymore), and even using light-bulb as a new currency 🙂

Calvin: Grocery Shopping in Korean Subway using QRcode (previous blog post here) – how the idea focus on customer experience, effective use of waiting time for trains, and the use of existing technology.

Bachir: Tiny Wings – same game mechanics, polished vs unpolished. The gameplay of Tiny Wings is arguably identical to WaveSpark, yet the execution and polish of this app is won the hearts of million of iPhone users as well as much money for it’s author Andreas Illiger.
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Philip: Pulse for iPad – this app offers attractive interface to read news on iPad. The smooth horizontal scrolling effect is one of the things that interest our developer participants. Some suggested that it is using UITableView with
CGAffineTransform to achieve such result.

Non was wondering how to get feedback from users so he can improve his products.

Folks who came to the event:

Tasuku Maeda
Dan Fulton
Chris Wynn
Calvin C. Chan
Mark Makdad (@makdad)
Kaz Yoshikawa
Tonny Xu
Todd Musgrove (@toddmusgrove)
Hafid Bourhim – UI/UX Designer
Bachir (Facebook)
Non Umemoto

(Apology if I missed you and please let me know so I’ll update it)

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