Yurekuru Call – Earthquake Warning App for iPhone

English: If you’re using iOS devices, please try this “Yurekuru” app. Yurekuru gives you early push notification of earthquake happening near your area, with estimated magnitude and arrival time. You can also check the last 10 earthquake records with time, magnitude and location. Although only available in Japanese, at least you can get some push notification that an earthquake might be coming to your location.

中文:如閣下正使用 iPhone 或 iPod Touch 等 iOS Device,可以安裝「Yurekuru」(ゆれくる) App 得到日本地震的實時警報。

  • 設定好指定地震震度後,Yurekuru 會在地震發生前發出推播預警 (Push Notification)
  • 從列表番查前十個地震警報的時間、地點、震度及地圖地位


Go to: yurekuru call in iTunes App Store


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