煲電話粥 bo1 din6 wa2 jok1

Keep talking on phone for a long time

Literal: cooking congee of your phone

You keep talking on the phone so much, you almost even forget your mom’s name!


BUREAU OF PROTO SOCIETY – Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition

This makes me laugh first, then think a bit.

A short film from Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition. In a fictional far future, human has moved to underground shelter and live under total control by an authority. In it there’s a “History Committee”, which is like archaeology where they recover materials of the modern world such as movies and animations, and try to picture what happened to the human history before their time. It’s comical yet quite deep if you think about it.

Q1: How can you distinguish between truth and fiction when they’re both delivered to you through media? What if the media is controlled? Is it happening on our time already?

Q2: Isn’t archaeology kinda like this too? When there’s no living soul to tell the stories of hundreds or thousands of years ago, all we can do is just to find environmental evidences and use our imagination to connect the dots. Aliens, zombies, devastating wars, super power, etc…could all be as real as our imagination.


Source: BUREAU OF PROTO SOCIETY – Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition


大眾字型學:理想的排版強調法 – Inside 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察

電腦輔助的設計中,一般人可以輕易的凸顯任何內文。只要透過 word 等基本文書編輯軟體內的 i, B, U 等按鈕,或任意改變文字顏色,就可以達到基本的強調。但是,這些設定對讀者而言,究竟是干擾還是助益?過去數百年的排版慣例又可以告訴我們哪些實用而合理的規則?

Source: 大眾字型學:理想的排版強調法 – Inside 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察


Finnish Babies Sleep in Cardboard Boxes for Good Reasons


Finnish moms get a cardboard box of baby supplies from the Finnish government since the 1930s. Many Finnish babies has their first nap of their lives in such cardboard box. I think this has a poetic meaning that everybody is born equal, and should be treated equally.



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