LAB by Dimension+ HK

Makers in HK now have their own shared workshop with professional laser cutter and 3D printer to make stuff. The place is called LAB by Dimension+ HK ( “Maker” is an exciting movement to remind the modern people, that with proper equipments and passion, we can actually MAKE stuff with our hands instead of buying mass-produced stuffs from factory and stores. $100 per 30 mins to play with all their expensive toys.

Location: K11 at TST until 17 May; 135 Lai Chi Kok road after.


Or, it’s simply surreal to look at your design got printed from a laser printer while you sit back, relax and watch the people rushing thru the MTR station.

Vacuum tube amplifier made from lasercut case. The round corners are beautiful.

Record player! It actually works!

Lasercut origami lamp powered by USB.

Unique facial dimensions necklace, there’s only one in the whole world that’s made from your face.

QR-code Stickers

People likes to put stickers on letters, cards or notebooks to spice up the content. However, this new QR-code based stickers add another feature to this old tech: to bring you to a webpage with pre-written content (in the example below: happy Father’s Day). Their tag line: 心裏話不敢說?放着我來!(too shy to say your true feeling? Stick me on!)

There are many different designs:

It brings you to this webpage after scanning the code: